Celebrity Storage Units – Paris Hilton

Celebrities are very clearly better than us. They’re richer, more famous, and typically more beautiful. But sometimes, just sometimes, they’re not so different. 

This is especially true when it comes to, well, storage units. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would celebrities have storage units? Can’t they just store things in one of their many houses?” 

And that’s not such a bad idea except for the fact that sometimes celebrities don’t have many houses. Sometimes they don’t even have a house. Maybe they’ve fallen on hard times, or maybe they just need a space to store their things in between wives or husbands. Whatever the case, celebrities utilize storage units just as much as the rest of us do. 

And sometimes, they store really, really weird items. 

Take, for instance, Paris Hilton. 

Hilton is the heiress to the famed Hilton Hotel namesake and even though she’ll never hurt for money, she did end up owing money on a storage unit, back in 2006. This is ironic because it was around this time that Hilton was one of the biggest stars in the world, due to her reality show and, erm, other home video releases. 

All of that notoriety, plus her inherited wealth, should have ensured that she would never owe money to anybody, but alas. The gods of storage units yield to no man…or woman. 

The LA Times reported that Paris Hilton actually owed $208 on her storage unit. It eventually defaulted and was then auctioned off to a man who purchased the unit and its contents for a mere $2,775. 

“A Phoenix-based broker is trying to auction off a veritable ‘King Tut’s tomb’ of Paris Hilton-abilia discovered in a Los Angeles-area storage locker, including photos of Hilton in various stages of undress, as well as her personal diaries recounting sexual escapades,” the Times reported. 

The man who bought the unit, David Hans Schmidt, has been called ‘The Sultan of Sleaze’ and his attitude towards that whole scenario explains why. 

“Schmidt said the items include 18 diaries whose pages recount Hilton’s sexual dalliances, celebrity encounters and other adventures; photographs of Hilton in a number of locales, such as St. Tropez, and “wild parties” on yachts and in private homes; as well as her computers, clothing, videos and furniture,” the LA Times wrote. 

A publicist for Ms. Hilton said that her belongings were “illegally seized” but rules are rules when it comes to storage units. If you default on your payments, you lose your unit. It’s as simple as that. 

The Times wrote that “The publicist, Elliot Mintz, said the things were left at the storage facility while Hilton, 24, was moving from one Hollywood Hills home, where she had lived with her sister, Nicky, to another nearby in 2004. But, due to what the publicist called a ‘bureaucratic foul-up,’ the items were sold to an unidentified buyer.”

That buyer turned out to be Schmidt and, not content with simply rifling through Paris’ belongings, he decided to sell the contents…for $10 million.

Somebody known as Bardia Persa purchased Paris’ belongings for the cool 10 Mil, which we can respect. What we don’t respect is the fact that Persa then displayed the contents of the unit on the internet, which absolutely violated Paris Hilton’s privacy. 

At K&L Storage, while we can’t promise we won’t auction your unit, we can promise that we will never post private photos of you to the internet. 

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