Do’s and Don’ts of Storage

Record collector in front of his collection

Having a storage space can be an incredible blessing. Nobody thinks they have too much stuff until they no longer have anywhere to put it. The garage is full, the shed is full, the attic is haunted so you can’t put things there, etc. Finally, when it’s gotten to the point that you have turned the guest room, the basement and the bedroom of your second-born child into “storage space,” it might be time to consider renting an actual unit.

Luckily, K&L Storage is Casper’s largest storage service, with over 800 units in 4 locations. K&L offers 24-hour access, 7 days a week meaning that if/when you need something, all you have to do is come and get it.

The units themselves range in size, depending on the need. But generally, they can be as big, or as small, as you need. Because of this, you may be tempted to put anything and everything you can into a unit. While K&L doesn’t necessarily tell you what you can and cannot put in your unit, there are those of us who will silently judge you. But don’t worry. For your benefit, we have compiled a helpful list of Do’s and Don’t’s of items that you should or shouldn’t fill your unit with. We call this list ‘Okay to Store/Not Okay to Store.’ This list isn’t law, but it might help you avoid breaking some.

Okay to StoreNot Okay to Store
Your Family Photo AlbumsYour family, period
ToolsEx boyfriends of your daughter, whom you think are tools
Old Vinyl RecordsOld tax records that you haven’t actually filed for the past 7 years
A bicycle you bought your daughter for her birthday.A pony you bought your daughter for her birthday, because it’s been two weeks and you haven’t checked on it…
Childhood Toys‘Adult Toys’ (If you know what we mean)
Magazines/NewspapersNewspaper clippings of unsolved murders you’re still trying to solve
FurnitureA fully realized and put together ‘man cave’ that you escape to every weekend under the guise of “organizing the storage unit”
Christmas DecorationsChristmas presents from your spouse or children you haven’t actually opened.
A Home Gym.Jim, the guy from your office whom you’ve hated ever since he ate the leftover Chinese food you left in the fridge that one time.
VHS Tapes, DVD’s, and BooksMovies you can stream and books downloaded to your Kindle. Because you can’t store them. Because they don’t actually exist outside of your streaming service and when the machines take over and we lose the war, you’re not going to be able to ever watch that copy of Uncle Buck again because art is dead and nothing matters.

So, use your discretion. But no matter what you’re actually storing, trust K&L Storage to keep your belongings safe, unharmed, and potentially out of actual evidence lockers. For more information, call 307-265-1291 or visit us at

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