Haunted Storage Stories

It was a dark and dreary night. While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping. As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. Only this and nothing more.

So I rose from the boxes of memories I was currently sifting through and raised the door of my K&L Storage unit (which was just one of 800 units in 4 different locations). There, on the other side of the (incredibly durable) storage gate, was a man. He was dressed in black, with a trench coat and a hat. There was a raven on his shoulder and, if I didn’t know any better, I could swear the raven was whispering.

The man told me to sit down, as he had some tales to tell.

“Do you like scary stories, boy?” he asked me.

“Scary like ghosts and goblins, or scary like being overcharged for storage units (which never happens at K&L Storage)?” I responded sarcastically.

The man stared at me for what felt like an eternity (especially since I’ve gotten so used to saving time because I can manage my account and make payments at kandlstorage.com/pay-online).

“I’m going to tell you some stories,” he said. “About haunted storage units, much like the one we’re in right now.”

Thunder and lightning rattled outside (luckily, the storage units at K&L Storage are waterproof) and the man began his story.

“It used to be a cinema,” the man said with a sneer. “Sheffield, England is where it was located. The manager of the cinema was a man named Mr. Porter. When the cinema was torn down, it became a self-storage facility. And, as the legend goes, there have been several sightings of the late Mr. Porter. He appears as a strange, ethereal vision, accompanied by flashing lights, vibrations on the floor, and more. But some people claim to have seen an old man simply walking around the facility, late at night, when nobody was supposed to be there. Mr. Porter used to run the projector at the old cinema and sometimes, just sometimes, you can hear the reels begin to roll in the old projection room.”

I smiled at the man, bemused but not exactly startled. Let’s just say, my partner was scarier when he saw how many Amazon boxes I had stored in our unit.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” I asked, tempting fate.

The man smiled back at me and slowly shook his head.

“No, child. The best is yet to come.”

Just then, my flashlight flickered and went out. Let’s be honest, that part startled me a bit.

“Let me tell you another tale,” he whispered. “This one hits a little closer to home.”

I sat on one of the many boxes strewn about my unit (which was of the larger variety, but still cost me less than $100 per month) and listened to the man’s final story.

“This particular tale takes place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,” the man started. “The building is now called the Guaranty Income Life and Broadcasting Building, which houses business storage on its bottom floor. But it used to be the Baton Rouge General Hospital and, back then, the bottom floor was the morgue.”

“Obviously,” I replied.

“Hush, boy. The building has been called one of the most haunted places in Baton Rouge, and it’s easy to understand why. Various reports say that at night, the temperature drops in the basement, reminiscent of the temperatures of the freezers which were used to keep dead bodies chilled. Similarly, many security guards have reported seeing apparitions, hearing loud noises, and just feeling general unease when the lights go out and they’re alone in the night, in the dark.”

“Well, that’s all fine and good,” I stated. “But I’m not worried about ghosts here. K&L Storage offers 24-hour security and surveillance. It has a digital surveillance system and it’s fully fenced. If creatures of the night try to get into this storage location, they’re going to be highly disappointed.”

Finally, I got my flashlight to turn back on and, when it did, nobody was there.

The next day, I called K&L Storage at 307-265-1291 (which is also the number to call to reserve a unit of your own) and asked if they could check the surveillance footage to see if they noticed a man come into my unit.

They said one walked in, one walked out–both were you.

Maybe haunted storage units do exist after all.

*This article is for entertainment purposes only. K&L Storage is not haunted by a whimsical man who likes to tell creepy stories to strangers…we don’t think.

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