Storage War Stories – K&9 Storage

Storage War Stories – K&9 Storage

The world of storage units is a surprisingly intricate one, full of scandal, murder, theft, and sordid affairs (though, none of those things happen at K&L Storage – we’re as pure as the driven snow).

There is a reason countless television shows have focused on storage units and the secrets buried within them (though, K&L Storage has no secrets…what you see is what you get, especially in terms of information and pricing).

What people keep in their units is fascinating to others. Sometimes there are priceless artifacts. Other times, there are love letters from forbidden lovers. Once in a while, there’s a dead body or two.

But it’s not always just what’s in the storage unit that is the story. Sometimes, it’s what happens around the storage unit.

There are Storage Stories, and there are Storage War Stories. This is a Storage War Story.

If you ever decide to become a criminal, don’t try to rob a storage facility. Or, if you do, at least wear a mask.

If you don’t do that, then at least don’t rob a storage facility in which a large fleet of police officers are conducting a training exhibition.

Sadly, two men in Florida (because it’s always Florida), did not get that memo. Just after midnight, two men hopped a fence, hoping to break into some units. Their confidence was palpable, if not justified. One of the men didn’t even bother putting on a mask. Shortly after pulling out their bolt cutters and trying to open a lock, they noticed something…unusual.

Actually, they were the ones who were noticed. By about a dozen police officers and their dogs. The cops were using the storage facility to conduct a K-9 training and as soon as the robbers got started, they were quickly halted.

Which just goes to show, you never can tell just who might be watching you when you’re trying to rob a storage unit.

The Takeaway: Security is important. Even if K&L doesn’t necessarily have a fleet of police officers on the premises, we do have a 24-hour surveillance system designed to protect you and your belongings from really, really stupid criminals.

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