K&L Storage Story: Man Uses Mango Picker to Rob Storage Unit

It’s been said that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And never was that more evident than with this storage story coming all the way from Hawaii. 

A few years ago, 2017 to be exact, a Maui resident attempted to steal an array of firearms out of a storage unit. 

Nothing too strange, there. People attempt to rob storage units all the time (but not at K&L Storage – we have 24-hour security and digital surveillance). What’s interesting about this story is that the burglar used a mango picker to do it. 

Yes, a mango picker. As in the fruit. 

Hawaii News Now reported that Sancho Agtaguem rented a storage locker at Extra Space Storage, in Kahului, Maui. According to a federal affidavit, Agtaguem attempted to reach into an adjoining storage unit using a mango picker. 

Crazy or genius? You be the judge. 

Regardless, it worked. Agtaguem was able to reach into the unit and steal four handguns and two rifles. 

You may be wondering what a Mango Picker actually is. Basically, it’s a long pole with a basket attached to it. How this mechanism was able to procure six guns, we don’t know. But we’re impressed. 

Not impressed, however, were the police. According to the affidavit, Agtaguem allegedly traded one of the guns for drugs, and another one of the guns ended up in the possession of a convicted felon. Federal agents were able to trace said gun back to Agtaguem, and subsequently arrested him. 

According to the report, Agtaguem pleaded not guilty to the crime but, honestly, we think he should have owned that. Crime or not, that move was impressive. 

And it’s something that could not ever happen at K&L Storage. In addition to our 24-hour surveillance, each of our 900+ units are completely enclosed and locked. Each of our sites are fully fenced and utilize a personalized security code to gain access. 

Plus, there aren’t any actual fresh mangos in Wyoming, so there probably aren’t any mango pickers within the vicinity. 

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