Why You Can’t Live in Your Storage Unit

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We know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You’re spending all of this money anyway (though, if you’re using K&L Storage, you’re spending significantly less), you might as well get the most bang for your proverbial buck. It started off innocently enough. It was just a one-time thing, you thought. You and your spouse got into an argument and you were gently encouraged (amid a plethora of swear words) to sleep somewhere else for the night. Because you’re all adults now, you can no longer crash on your friends’ couch, because it’s covered with toys and decorative pillows and there’s simply no room for you (they should look into storing some of those toys and pillows in a unit from K&L Storage). Also, you’re 40. You shouldn’t be sleeping on couches or futons anyway. Grow up.

Anyway, the point is that now you need somewhere to sleep and the options are limited. Granted, you could always just go stay in a hotel, but who needs the added expense of that, especially when you’re already paying for a space that even has some of your belongings in it? So you decide to take a pillow, a blanket and an air mattress to your storage space for the night. You like it because it’s secure. It is fully fenced, with a digital surveillance system and 24-hour security monitoring. So you know you’ll be safe.

It’s also big. K&L Storage offers units of various sizes, from 5’x10’ to 10’x20’. You opted for the largest unit, which is only $115 per month, so there was plenty of room for you, your belongings and your regret. So you spend a night there and, surprisingly, it’s not that bad. It’s quiet. It’s secure. Plus, you found your old comic books that you forgot you were storing.

That was one night. But now you find yourself considering staying there more often. Mad Men in the ‘60s had their penthouse apartments to stay at when things at home weren’t going well. So, you reason, why shouldn’t you be able to have your own place?

Well, there are a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t live in your storage unit. And here, in no particular order, are some of those reasons.

1) There’s no heat.
Yes, K&L Storage does offer a multitude of different unit types, including sheltered and unsheltered spots (for automobiles and the like). But they are not heated, nor insulated. Meaning, if you stayed there, especially in a Wyoming winter, you would freeze to death faster than Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

2) There’s no WiFi.
To many, this issue is probably more important than the issue of heat. What fun is staying in a place if you can’t binge Netflix on your phone? Data rates would be astronomical and though our rental fees are very easily manageable, there’s no way you would be able to afford them after spending all your money on streaming service data.

3) Your Family Would Miss You
Yes, even your spouse.

4) It’s Way Too Cramped
Yes, our units range in size and can house most any type of belonging. But they were not designed for human beings to live in. There’s no kitchen, no bathroom, no home theater (not that you could stream movies anyway…cause of the WiFi). There would be nothing except you and your regret.

5) We’re Pretty Sure It’s Illegal
It would be easy to think that since you’re renting a unit, it’s actually yours. Except it’s not. We try to provide you with the best services for the best prices, but we are not landlords. Nor could we be even if we wanted to. There are civil laws in place to prevent such acts from occurring and listen- we like you. But we don’t like you that much. So, trust K&L Storage with your personal possessions in our secured self-storage locations. We have 4 of them across Casper, making us Casper’s largest storage service, with 800 units. We just don’t want you living in one. So apologize to your spouse, offer to cook dinner, and visit kandlstorage.com to reserve your own commercial or business storage space.

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